Headshots in San Diego

Studio Headshots

Morton Visuals offers headshots in San Diego by appointment. We typically book studio appointments on limited days, and we rotate to different studios around San Diego in order to offer convenience to a greater number of people. Please contact us for more information.

Social Media HeadshotSocial media headshot in san diego

Our basic headshot with a standard setup and a clean white background, sized and ready for your LinkedIn or social media profile.

Business Headshots
business headshot of attorney

Our Business Headshot sessions allow more time for a greater variety of looks, with outfit changes, different backgrounds and lighting styles.

VIP Session

Headshots of Jena Apgar by William Morton (MortonVisuals.com) in Dallas, TX

Our "VIP" session is for those who want the best. This includes a professional makeup artist to help you look your very best, several different looks for your various uses, and three retouched images. Ideal for busy professionals and those whose time is worth more.

Headshots In Your San Diego Office

Location Headshots
business headshot in the client’s offices

We are ideally suited to bring a mobile photo studio to your offices and photograph your entire team, for a clean consistent look on your website. Per-person pricing is greatly reduced the more people we photograph. Please contact us for a specific quote.

Executive Portraits
on location executive portrait in San Diego

To illustrate you in your environment we bring a mobile photography studio to you, minimizing the time you need to be away from your work. Ideal for busy professionals and those whose time is worth more.

Business Branding Sessionsbusiness branding - corporate meeting lifestyle photography in conference room

Our Business Branding Session is a corporate lifestyle photography session designed to build a mini library of images for your marketing use. Typically a half-day to a full-day in duration, Morton Visuals creates a wide variety of images, settings and styles to reinforce your company branding throughout your website, marketing materials and social media channels. Learn more.

Choose from any of our standard sessions above. We are happy to serve you at your place of business, photographing individuals or your entire staff. We can provide a custom quote for photographing multiple people -- just call us or email us! See our Contact page for more.

Time Is Money. We Save You Both.

We understand how valuable your time is, and we keep it to a minimum. We work efficiently and expertly to capture you at your very best, and then let you get back to doing what you do. This is particularly valuable for professionals who operate based on billable hours. We minimize any billable hours lost to reduce your costs.

Behind the scenes of image review during a headshot session

Approve Your Images On The Spot

We shoot tethered directly to a laptop computer, so that you can see the images we are creating as we go. If you don't like something, we fix it and adjust - and resume shooting. We mark the ones that are "maybe" images so that we can put those up side-by-side on screen to help you choose which you like best. All so that you'll know that you have an image (or images) that you love before you leave us. Once you select your final images to order and we can begin retouching that evening or the next morning, depending on the time of day. And we can usually email you retouched images within 24 (business) hours!